Leather Shoe Care Guide By Balthazar Shoes | How To Clean

Care Guide

Leather shoe care guide. Start by removing the laces if any and then place shoe trees inside. Clean the surface of the shoe from dirt with a clean cloth or brush.

For best results, use Wren’s shoe care products.


1. Cleaning
With a Polishing Cloth or any clean cloth, squeeze a little Leather Lotion and rub it gently all over the shoe. Let it dry for 2 minutes. It is advisable to clean one’s shoes as often as every week.

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2. Nourishing & Rejuvenating
With a Dauber Brush or any clean cloth, dab a little Leather Cream and rub it on the different parts of the shoe. Let it dry for 2 minutes. The Leather Cream helps protect the leather from water, oil, and other elements of nature.

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For deep nourishment and that extra classic shine, apply the Classic Polish using any clean cloth. It will surely make your shoes look brand new.

3. Polishing
Buff the shoe with a shoe gloss brush. If you don’t have a gloss brush, you may use any clean cloth. Avoid pressing down on the leather surface. Instead, let the brush or cloth sit gently on it. When buffing, try to apply quick strokes as emphasis on shoe polishing is on the speed rather than the strength.

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For longer lasting leather shoes, always use a shoe horn to avoid losing the shape of your shoes. Using a shoe tree daily, will help relieve any creasing.  Rotate your shoes from time to time to allow the leather to dry and breathe.


1. Cleaning
Using the Suede Brush, brush the shoe from back to front with firm strokes. Use the side with the rubber bristles. Avoid using the nylon steel side except for very stubborn stains.

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2. Nourishing & Rejuvenating
Place a tape on the non-suede leather area so as to avoid this part from staining. Apply the Revitalizer onto the shoe with a sponge in swift strokes. Leave shoe to dry completely.

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3. Protecting
Using the Total Protector, hold the bottle 20 cm. away from the shoe. Press the nozzle with consistent pressure to achieve an even finish. Always apply the spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area or beside an open window. Leave the shoe to dry for 10-20 minutes. Repeat 3 times for long lasting protection against water, oil, and other forms of liquid and stains.

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To help maintain suede shoes, use a suede brush to clean away dirt as needed.