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Journal Leather Creasing

Leather Creasing

A common misconception of people is that the number of creases determine the grade or quality of leather used. Some kinds of leather tend to have natural wrinkles and crease more than others. The truth is no leather is exempted...

10 Men’s Essentials

The year has already begun but it’s never too late to revamp your wardrobe and make sure that you’re all set to conquer 2020 with these 10 Men’s Essentials we listed for you. It’s a common notion that men find...
Creating the perfect shoes wardrobe

Creating the Perfect Shoe Wardrobe

By Iris B. You’re about to attend a business function from your new job. You confidently try on your well-pressed suit, hoping to make a good first impression among big bosses and co-professionals. You then look for shoes to pair...