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Leather Creasing

A common misconception of people is that the number of creases determine the grade or quality of leather used. Some kinds of leather tend to have natural wrinkles and crease more than others. The truth is no leather is exempted from creasing. Crease free leather does not exist. It is normal for your shoes to have crease because it bends with your feet when worn. A shoe that doesn’t bend would be too stiff and would be painful to walk in. To give you more an idea we listed a few reasons on why leather creases more on some shoes.

Reasons why leather creases more on some shoes:

  • The fit of the shoes is one factor. Bad fit will certainly lead to bad creasing, but that does not mean that good fit won’t either. Shoes larger than necessary has extra space between the shoe and foot, which limits the foot’s ability to hold the shape of the shoes.
  • The construction of the shoes is another factor. Whole cut shoes crease the most. These are shoes that are made from a single piece of seamless leather. As well as shoes made of multiple pieces of leather undergoes tension at every seam. It doesn’t react as drastic as what the tension from the foot gives them.
  • The storage and maintenance of the shoes. Leather can crease from being improperly stored. It could develop pressure marks when something is pressing on it for a long time. Best to put a shoe tree to hold its shape. Application of leather lotion once a month would also help prevent creasing.

Here are some tips to lessen creasing:

Application of Leather lotion/ Leather cream

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Putting leather lotion can be used to remove creases but It is also recommended at least once a month to condition the entire shoe to maintain its color/finish and prevent from new creases to form. Applying Leather Cream will also help protect the leather from water, oil, and other elements of nature.

Store Shoes with a Shoe Tree

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Storing shoes with shoe trees are helpful to remove the creases, it maintains the shape of shoes, keep the leather tight and absorb moisture. The shoe tree helps stretch the back flat of the shoes and pulls the creases out of the leather.

Use a Shoe Horn

Leather Creasing 3

Upon putting on your shoes always use a shoe horn to prevent damage to the heel counter of the shoes. Mitigating the stress on the heel of the shoes will prevent damaging the leather, which would also prevent creases to the rear part of the shoes.


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