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Hide your Laces for a Cleaner Look

We get the nice clothes on, awesome fit, and brand new sneakers – but we often overlook the shoe laces and how we tie them. It may seem simple, but tying your laces sloppily can ruin and distract from your whole outfit. There are many different ways of tying shoelaces whether you are after speed, simplicity, security or style. There is the standard “bunny rabbit” knot, the double knot, the boat shoe knot, and many more. But for those outings when you don’t want those laces to be obvious, hiding your laces is the simplest technique to get a more sleek and cleaner look for your shoes and overall outfit. The following are some fast and easy hacks to hide your laces.


Perhaps the easiest technique is to tie the laces under the tongue. This method is great for all types of shoes including sneakers, dress shoes and boots. First, make sure that the laces are inserted in the eyelets from the outside in and not the other way around. Next, just tie your laces as usual and then simply tug it in underneath the tongue of your shoe. You may also choose to tie the knot on one side (left or right), then tuck it on that side of the shoe. You can just experiment on which works well for you. But make sure to tuck it well enough for it to stay put all day.


This method only works for shoes that have insoles that can be taken out. Most dress shoes and boots have the insoles already glued down but there are some sneakers that have removable insoles. If you have this, then this technique may be used.

Firstly, make sure laces are inserted in the eyelets from the outside in. Next step is to lift the removable insoles/inserts, but do make sure the insoles are really removable and do not force them out as this may ruin the shoe. Final step is to tuck the untied laces underneath the insoles and put the insoles firmly back in position. Unlike technique # 1, this technique rids of the knot which may have some discomfort to some when it presses against the feet when you walk.


If you’re really in a hurry and for some reason cannot be bothered to tie your laces, then this is for you. Just put your shoes on and pull the laces as tightly or as loosely as you like them and simply tuck the laces inside your sneakers and that’s it.  A word of caution, however, as this method will not have your feet securely held inside the shoe and the heel can slip out without the stable knot.


For those who are willing to spend and just don’t feel like fiddling with the laces, you can opt to invest in no-tie shoelaces. These laces are usually stretchy so it gives you the comfort that you need. Not only does these do away with laces, they can also turn sneakers into slip-ons. These are available in different colors that can give you multiple looks.

There are a number of different ways to tie and hide your laces but these are some of the simplest and easiest to do making your shoes look a thousand times better than having those bunny ears exposed. You can experiment and try various techniques that suits you. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that your shoes remain comfortable. If your feet are happy, you’ll be happy too.


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