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Creating the perfect shoes wardrobe

Creating the Perfect Shoe Wardrobe

By Iris B.

You’re about to attend a business function from your new job. You confidently try on your well-pressed suit, hoping to make a good first impression among big bosses and co-professionals. You then look for shoes to pair the great look with, but your best yet is a pair of old and cracked leather shoes you wear to almost every occasion.

First impressions matter – whether for a formal occasion, first date, or a job interview. The way you dress from head to toe can instantly define confidence and stature, therefore, the shoes you wear can either make or break your entire outfit.

Here are 4 pairs of classic dress shoes you’ll rely on for that great first, and lasting impression.

The Oxford

Oxfords by far are the most classic. The simple, classy, and sleek look make it the best option for almost any formal event, whether you’re in a coat and tie for a wedding or in a business suit for an interview. It is characterized by its closed-laced system, where the end of the shoe lace is sewn closed, slightly different from the Derby where the shoe is open-laced.

For your next formal event, I recommend either Black or Brown Oxfords – black is more formal, while brown is more versatile.

The Brogues

Brogues are known for its versatility. It can make your jeans and chinos look dressier, and your formal wear more relaxed. It is distinguished by small perforations on the upper part of the shoes, the ‘Brogueing’, giving it more character. Its original purpose is for draining muddy water.

Since Brogues can be worn for almost any purpose, I recommend to choose a style that matches well with your outfit and the occasion.

Some tips:
•  The lighter the shade, the more casual it is.
•  Select the style with few perforations for formal occasions and more perforations for smart casual.

For a smart casual yet sophisticated look, I recommend a brown  semi- or quarter-brogue with light-colored pants and a button-up shirt.

Shoe Wardrobe Balthazar 1

The Monk-Strap

Monk-straps are one of the most stylish shoes today. If you want to have an alternative to the conventional Oxford or Derby, choose Monk-straps – instead of lace, they feature a strap and a buckle (single monk-strap) or two (double monk-strap).  I recommend the double monk-straps as it stands out more, due to more metal and leather in its design.

Philip Double Monk-Strap in Dark Brown, Php 4,990

The Loafer

Loafers are slip-on shoes, with neither lace nor straps. These are the right shoes for when you want to go sockless. It is typically worn on non-formal occasions with button-up shirts and chinos but lately, it is also greatly paired with suits. Suede loafers are great for the weekend, while its leather counterpart can also be used for smart casual to formal wear.

Shoe Wardrobe Balthazar 2

There are a lot of other shoe styles to choose from, but these four shoe styles can fit your need for almost any occasion. Remember, trends come and go. But classics are forever.

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